The Falling Tide

Jamir's Journal

Day 85

Wow, today was a riot- I finally found the lost Elven Bust!! In this little city of all places. So anyway, I disguised myself as one of the town people and pretended to be crazy to get into the Mayor’s house. Once there they threw me into the dungeon. At night I killed the poor saps and climbed out of there. I was intent on killing the Mayor. It didn’t quite work out as planned as I got smashed in the face by a dark hooded man that seemed vaguely familiar. After that he told me to escape and gave me a ring that makes me invisible to undead!! I got back to camp and let everyone know what I found. We went back to town the next day and brought the mayor out for a public execution. After a very weird time with the paladin and the halfling the strange robed figure shot the halfling through the throat and took off. He looked at me strangely, and I just knew something was up. I wandered into the forest alone, and sat in the middle of the forest. Within a few hours a child halfling came up to me and gave me a bundled cloth. I gave him a gurgrlon gold(I’m pretty sure that was more money than the whole damn town had) and opened the cloth- It was the Elven Bust. My god, what joy. WyrmDazzle said she’ll bring us to the elven city tomorrow!! The Ranger is thinking of spending the rest of his days here living in the halfling whorehouse.



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