The Falling Tide

Jamir's Journal
Day 85

Wow, today was a riot- I finally found the lost Elven Bust!! In this little city of all places. So anyway, I disguised myself as one of the town people and pretended to be crazy to get into the Mayor’s house. Once there they threw me into the dungeon. At night I killed the poor saps and climbed out of there. I was intent on killing the Mayor. It didn’t quite work out as planned as I got smashed in the face by a dark hooded man that seemed vaguely familiar. After that he told me to escape and gave me a ring that makes me invisible to undead!! I got back to camp and let everyone know what I found. We went back to town the next day and brought the mayor out for a public execution. After a very weird time with the paladin and the halfling the strange robed figure shot the halfling through the throat and took off. He looked at me strangely, and I just knew something was up. I wandered into the forest alone, and sat in the middle of the forest. Within a few hours a child halfling came up to me and gave me a bundled cloth. I gave him a gurgrlon gold(I’m pretty sure that was more money than the whole damn town had) and opened the cloth- It was the Elven Bust. My god, what joy. WyrmDazzle said she’ll bring us to the elven city tomorrow!! The Ranger is thinking of spending the rest of his days here living in the halfling whorehouse.

Jamir's Journal
Day 83

So we wandered into some strange halfling village. It was the strangest place I’d ever seen. Everyone seemed like a zombie, and wouldn’t really talk to us. The ranger went immediately to the whore house, and we didn’t see him the whole rest of the day. I tried to pry secrets from people as usual, but they just wouldn’t divulge anything. Later that night the ranger and I snuck into town, and we were assaulted by wraiths- luckily I grabbed onto him and held on for dear life as he flew us out of there. What is going on here?

Jamir's Journal
Day 47

So I found it, the centerpiece of my quest, then it was gone. Two figures came out of nowhere and stole it from us. We fought as hard as we could, but nothing seemed to help, they were just too strong, and then just like that they were gone. WOW, it was the craziest thing ever. The whole dungeon started falling apart so we fled after that, and finally made it away, Thank God. PS some Bard saved the oracles ass and then just disappeared- weird.

Jamir's Journal
Day 12

Oh my god- the ranger went crazy and attacked a Dire Shark. He beat the things ass with a few well placed shots. We made a fortune selling it back in gurgle.

Jamir's Journal
Day 3

Well I was right, they seemed like lowlifes and cutthroats. It was pretty exciting though thinking a dagger was going to be plunged through my chest at any second. So, it looks like the leader of the thieves guild is a rather vicious woman, or a giant quite behemoth of a man. I’m not sure which it is honestly. They both seemed to hold incredible sway with the group of ruffians, but I was able to get out of there with my teeth intact and a quest for the guild.
They want me to come up with three different items, a blank, blank and a blank within the next three days, which shouldn’t be to hard, then maybe I can start to get somewhere. Wish they had given me lock picks, I am sorely lacking those.
Get this though, the paladin forsook his god and is on some kind of quest to align with gurgolion or some such deity. Its enough to make a man wonder if he is going insane. I didn’t even know they could do that unless they turned away from their god and swore to evil.
Anyway journal, I’m off to start my quest, no point waiting around. If I do I’m sure I’ll have my throat slit in the middle of the night. If you don’t here from me for a while, I probably failed.

Jamir's Journal
Day 2

We finally got off that ship, and it felt good to be on land again. I did learn to swim during my short time on the boat. So we wandered around and did a fair amount of haggling. We made a decent split of gold as well. If I didn’t feel tied to these people I Might have walked off with it too. Gurgles currency is ridiculous. I could live like a king in the rest of the world with a small fortune of this currency. And get this..Mithral is steel, it goes for the same amount. If I could get some kind of transport between here and the rest of the world, I would be rich in no time. Wood and food are scarce as well, we could trade back and forth trading mithral for wood and food, which we could trade for giant coins worth about three times as much. Don’t know what the chance of that is considering our location..wish I was a wizard.
So a trader said he is willing to pay us, and supply us with a boat to go get this coral. The problem with that, the way I see it is its leading me away from my goal. I spent all afternoon talking to the prominent figures trying to find out about this relic, and couldn’t find anything. I know there’s something in this damn town, they have a tower full of scryers, but I haven’t been able to get anywhere.
I spent the last part of this day trying to locate the thieves guild. Not that I particularly want to join or anything…In my last town they were a group of thugs and ruffians, and I knew nothing about the territory rules when I started there and got along fine, but I don’t know how they operate here. Plus the spymaster can probably give me the information I need to locate the right person to find that relic.

Paladin's Log

I saved a man’s life. Oddly this has affected me more than the changing of my deity. I can only hope he continues on the path of salvation instead of relapsing back to the path of darkness, the path I fear I may have been on before a Paladin saved my life. Tomorrow I think I shall check in on him, and see how he is doing, see if he might choose to go through the trials himself in time. And what a trial it was. I think I might take the rest of today to heal the wounded then go fishing to help feed the village. The people here seem better off in spirit than any where else I have been, but are sorely lacking in food. Perhaps I can convince Arkgnosis to summon a few dolphins to herd fish into the nets.

While in contemplation I find myself wondering about these strange marks upon our backs and how they brought us together. And where will that strange magical key we found upon the wreck lead us? We were brought together for a reason, but I hardly know these people. They aren’t evil, but I can’t say they are all good. Perhaps I can slowly bring them around to see the light. They do seem to follow where I lead, and we did end up in a great place. I only hope to do the best I can for them and keep them all alive and on the path towards goodness. Maybe I can get them to start talking about where they have come from and why they choose to be who they are.

Well, off to find Arkgnosis and see if he would like to help feed the village. Maybe it will get him to keep his legs closed for a while.

Jamir's Journal
Day 1

So… I woke up on a beach today… naked. Not just that, I’ve been tagged, with a tramp stamp. Best part.. it radiates magic, how am I supposed to stay hidden with a beacon my back. Damn it all, this was not part of my plan, I was just going out to save Marigold when.!*^?.:#!,?l;, damn my head hurts, feel like a drank a hole tankard myself. Marigold, surely they have killed her by now. My sweet love…I’ll never make it back, and even if I did my ransom is lost, I have nothing to barter with. Yet another love that I have destroyed….so many.
So this beach, a few others and myself all woke up on this beach, naked, all with the same tramp stamp. They are magical marks, and I’m sure someone..or something is tracking us right now. At the very least I’m sure that slaver scum will be able to identify us as their property from a mile away. Anyway, we wake up with a very odd group of fellows, myself included. Everyone is really ok, except there is one of those self-righteous I know whats best for everyone Paladins. So anyway we wake up, and we end up getting dragged underwater by a Gurgle. I am not sure, but based off the legends I’ve been picking up around this place I believe that maybe this Gurgle was the dead king, bringing us to his nation to save it. The Oracle did say that I have a great destiny. Anyway, we crawl through this cave, and I watch these people make some stupid decisions, but hell its their life. I start playing with a creature called an Eidilion, and this thing is adorable. I think we will be great friends on this journey I’m on now.
Anyway, after many trying encounters we get rescued by the Gurgle Navy and are able to rest up for the day. Thats pretty much my first day, but it leaves so many more questions than answers. Why are we all banded together? My time with the elves taught me to see signs where they were available, and it is obvious that this is a giant sign. We were all brought together for a purpose, but whether for good or ill I cannot say. My destiny is always so fragile, able to slip if I stop watching for a second. And what of the others, are they wise enough to see that it is a line we walk on in this world, good and evil so close to the same thing, almost impossible to discern. So much evil comes from good intentions….Is it ones intentions and actions that matter, or their outcome….

Eidel's Letters Home

Dear Mother and Father

I met people, like a whole group of them and they are really weird. We had to get through this cave together, it was really dark and cold down there. Plus most of my magic was really useless down in the cave, so I just played with my hair and tried out a few different colors. The blue looked really neat in the magic light from Wymdazzle(one of the people I met) so I’m thinking I’ll keep it streaked with that color for a while. Finally though we found a way up to the surface and back to fresh air. Oddly enough I’m on the other side of the mountains now, in that city called Gurgle. It’s so clean here and everyone seems so happy all the time even though they have zombies right outside the city walls. Which reminds me, why are there walls facing the mountain? Maybe it’s because of the zombies, they don’t climb well so walls should keep them out.

Paper and wood is scarce in Gurgle so find some to write a letter was kinda hard but for you two I always manage. I wasn’t able to get my hands on fortune teller’s cards though, which I’m know determined to get a set of. There was an older lady in the streets telling fortunes and it was very neat so I wanna learn. But no one was selling them, one man said I might find a set made of metal but he didn’t know of any. So I’ve spent the week looking for someone to make me some but I haven’t had much luck yet.

Oh and as I said earlier I met lots of people, I think I’ll be traveling with them for a while so I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about them so far. First there is Balarin, he’s human so you’d like him and he’s a Paladin, so he’s always trying to help people. So far he isn’t annoying like the other ones from home, always preaching you know the ones. Next is WymDazzle, she’s a real wizard you know the kind with the spell books and familiars? AND she can pretty much breath under water, it’s soo neat. I think we can be best of friends, she might even have some insight into what the lightening did to me. Then there is Jimar, he’s a halfling like me, I think he’s a thief of some kind but I haven’t seen him stealing for no reason like all the ones from home. Plus he’s always talking about some quest of his but I stopped listening a while ago to that, he’s almost as sneaky as me though so I think he’d be a good scouting partner. Oh and Arkgnosis he’s got this big crazy pet named Necro, he’s so fluffy looking and really good in a fight. Plus Arkgnosis is really good at making friends since we got to Gurgle he’s met a lot of people and they all must really like him if they are always giving him money. And I met a really pretty lady, Azhurie, and she has an even prettier cloak that sparkles. It isn’t like any linens that you two have ever sold before. Also I think she’s an Oracle of some kind and so far she’s been really kind to all of us with her healing powers. Finally there is a Ranger, his name is Ranger’s Name he’s really smart and helped us get through the caves. He doesn’t talk so much but that’s okay I’m sure he’ll warm up to everyone. So far I like all of this people and plan to stick with them at least until I get back to the main part of the islands.

Oh which reminds me, since they don’t have a lot of wood here or food and I thought that you are a good merchants and you’d be able to send supplies here. I think you’d need a big ship but you have good ties with the Elves in the woods they might trade you some lands. Even if it’s expensive I think you’d make a lot if you could pull it off. They have lots of metals as well, it made everyone in this new party excited, except the ranger. I’ll write next time I have some free time and keep you updated on my travels. I don’t know how long it’s been since my last letter I’m having issues remembering lately. So I’m alive, I figured you’d care to know. I’ll visit next time I’m close to home.


A message from your friendly neighborhood DM
How to earn 1000 exp and a magic item for your character

That’s right, to make up for the fact that we lost a day of gaming, I’ll be using Obsidian Portal as a method to continue both character progression as well as development. Follow each of these steps if you can, and earn the reward attached.

Step 1: Create your Character on Obsidian Portal! Your basic stats (Attributes, HP, AC and such) would be appreciated, but I’m FAR more interested in the Fluff! Matt, for example, has an elaborately crafted backstory, so he’s lucky…he gets to eat copypasta for lunch, and gets the reward: 500 XP. That’s right, the moment your Bio section of your Obsidian Portal character is completed, your character gets 500 XP. No rush, you can do it any time you like. I’ll check on them before each session, and anyone who’s completed their gets the bonus XP at the beginning of that session.

Step 2: Post an Adventure Log! Right here, on this page, post your character’s thoughts on the current situation. We’ve just arrived in Gurgle, the Paladin has already committed blasphemy and been reborn, the rogue has gone and gotten himself kidnapped, and everyone’s starting to realize just how small the food portions are. The Paladin spent nearly a week in his trials, which means your characters have a whole week to explore Gurgle and meet people. Remember, this is your story, if you want to interact with a dozen NPCs, go for it. But be realistic, you’re not going to run into a retiring adventurer who decides he’s going to bestow all of his uber magic gear to you for free. At the very least, he’d send you on a quest to prove yourself first…
Completion of your Adventure Log Post will earn you another 500 XP! I’d like to see at least two decently sized paragraphs, but quality is better than quantity, always.

Step 3: I’ll be emailing these steps everyone, just in case you aren’t on OP yet. However, I’ll be sending another email, with some events going on in Gurgle. Responding to these emails, and taking part in these events is all that’s necessary. The result of these events? You’re character will be granted a magic item of my personal choosing OR a randomly generated magic item. It’s your choice. I’ll give you something modest…not amazing, but decent. Through random generation, you could end up with something amazing…or Horseshoes of Speed. It’s your choice!

So good luck and have fun!


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