The Falling Tide

A message from your friendly neighborhood DM

How to earn 1000 exp and a magic item for your character

That’s right, to make up for the fact that we lost a day of gaming, I’ll be using Obsidian Portal as a method to continue both character progression as well as development. Follow each of these steps if you can, and earn the reward attached.

Step 1: Create your Character on Obsidian Portal! Your basic stats (Attributes, HP, AC and such) would be appreciated, but I’m FAR more interested in the Fluff! Matt, for example, has an elaborately crafted backstory, so he’s lucky…he gets to eat copypasta for lunch, and gets the reward: 500 XP. That’s right, the moment your Bio section of your Obsidian Portal character is completed, your character gets 500 XP. No rush, you can do it any time you like. I’ll check on them before each session, and anyone who’s completed their gets the bonus XP at the beginning of that session.

Step 2: Post an Adventure Log! Right here, on this page, post your character’s thoughts on the current situation. We’ve just arrived in Gurgle, the Paladin has already committed blasphemy and been reborn, the rogue has gone and gotten himself kidnapped, and everyone’s starting to realize just how small the food portions are. The Paladin spent nearly a week in his trials, which means your characters have a whole week to explore Gurgle and meet people. Remember, this is your story, if you want to interact with a dozen NPCs, go for it. But be realistic, you’re not going to run into a retiring adventurer who decides he’s going to bestow all of his uber magic gear to you for free. At the very least, he’d send you on a quest to prove yourself first…
Completion of your Adventure Log Post will earn you another 500 XP! I’d like to see at least two decently sized paragraphs, but quality is better than quantity, always.

Step 3: I’ll be emailing these steps everyone, just in case you aren’t on OP yet. However, I’ll be sending another email, with some events going on in Gurgle. Responding to these emails, and taking part in these events is all that’s necessary. The result of these events? You’re character will be granted a magic item of my personal choosing OR a randomly generated magic item. It’s your choice. I’ll give you something modest…not amazing, but decent. Through random generation, you could end up with something amazing…or Horseshoes of Speed. It’s your choice!

So good luck and have fun!



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