The Falling Tide

Eidel's Letters Home

Dear Mother and Father

I met people, like a whole group of them and they are really weird. We had to get through this cave together, it was really dark and cold down there. Plus most of my magic was really useless down in the cave, so I just played with my hair and tried out a few different colors. The blue looked really neat in the magic light from Wymdazzle(one of the people I met) so I’m thinking I’ll keep it streaked with that color for a while. Finally though we found a way up to the surface and back to fresh air. Oddly enough I’m on the other side of the mountains now, in that city called Gurgle. It’s so clean here and everyone seems so happy all the time even though they have zombies right outside the city walls. Which reminds me, why are there walls facing the mountain? Maybe it’s because of the zombies, they don’t climb well so walls should keep them out.

Paper and wood is scarce in Gurgle so find some to write a letter was kinda hard but for you two I always manage. I wasn’t able to get my hands on fortune teller’s cards though, which I’m know determined to get a set of. There was an older lady in the streets telling fortunes and it was very neat so I wanna learn. But no one was selling them, one man said I might find a set made of metal but he didn’t know of any. So I’ve spent the week looking for someone to make me some but I haven’t had much luck yet.

Oh and as I said earlier I met lots of people, I think I’ll be traveling with them for a while so I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about them so far. First there is Balarin, he’s human so you’d like him and he’s a Paladin, so he’s always trying to help people. So far he isn’t annoying like the other ones from home, always preaching you know the ones. Next is WymDazzle, she’s a real wizard you know the kind with the spell books and familiars? AND she can pretty much breath under water, it’s soo neat. I think we can be best of friends, she might even have some insight into what the lightening did to me. Then there is Jimar, he’s a halfling like me, I think he’s a thief of some kind but I haven’t seen him stealing for no reason like all the ones from home. Plus he’s always talking about some quest of his but I stopped listening a while ago to that, he’s almost as sneaky as me though so I think he’d be a good scouting partner. Oh and Arkgnosis he’s got this big crazy pet named Necro, he’s so fluffy looking and really good in a fight. Plus Arkgnosis is really good at making friends since we got to Gurgle he’s met a lot of people and they all must really like him if they are always giving him money. And I met a really pretty lady, Azhurie, and she has an even prettier cloak that sparkles. It isn’t like any linens that you two have ever sold before. Also I think she’s an Oracle of some kind and so far she’s been really kind to all of us with her healing powers. Finally there is a Ranger, his name is Ranger’s Name he’s really smart and helped us get through the caves. He doesn’t talk so much but that’s okay I’m sure he’ll warm up to everyone. So far I like all of this people and plan to stick with them at least until I get back to the main part of the islands.

Oh which reminds me, since they don’t have a lot of wood here or food and I thought that you are a good merchants and you’d be able to send supplies here. I think you’d need a big ship but you have good ties with the Elves in the woods they might trade you some lands. Even if it’s expensive I think you’d make a lot if you could pull it off. They have lots of metals as well, it made everyone in this new party excited, except the ranger. I’ll write next time I have some free time and keep you updated on my travels. I don’t know how long it’s been since my last letter I’m having issues remembering lately. So I’m alive, I figured you’d care to know. I’ll visit next time I’m close to home.




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