The Falling Tide

Jamir's Journal

Day 1

So… I woke up on a beach today… naked. Not just that, I’ve been tagged, with a tramp stamp. Best part.. it radiates magic, how am I supposed to stay hidden with a beacon my back. Damn it all, this was not part of my plan, I was just going out to save Marigold when.!*^?.:#!,?l;, damn my head hurts, feel like a drank a hole tankard myself. Marigold, surely they have killed her by now. My sweet love…I’ll never make it back, and even if I did my ransom is lost, I have nothing to barter with. Yet another love that I have destroyed….so many.
So this beach, a few others and myself all woke up on this beach, naked, all with the same tramp stamp. They are magical marks, and I’m sure someone..or something is tracking us right now. At the very least I’m sure that slaver scum will be able to identify us as their property from a mile away. Anyway, we wake up with a very odd group of fellows, myself included. Everyone is really ok, except there is one of those self-righteous I know whats best for everyone Paladins. So anyway we wake up, and we end up getting dragged underwater by a Gurgle. I am not sure, but based off the legends I’ve been picking up around this place I believe that maybe this Gurgle was the dead king, bringing us to his nation to save it. The Oracle did say that I have a great destiny. Anyway, we crawl through this cave, and I watch these people make some stupid decisions, but hell its their life. I start playing with a creature called an Eidilion, and this thing is adorable. I think we will be great friends on this journey I’m on now.
Anyway, after many trying encounters we get rescued by the Gurgle Navy and are able to rest up for the day. Thats pretty much my first day, but it leaves so many more questions than answers. Why are we all banded together? My time with the elves taught me to see signs where they were available, and it is obvious that this is a giant sign. We were all brought together for a purpose, but whether for good or ill I cannot say. My destiny is always so fragile, able to slip if I stop watching for a second. And what of the others, are they wise enough to see that it is a line we walk on in this world, good and evil so close to the same thing, almost impossible to discern. So much evil comes from good intentions….Is it ones intentions and actions that matter, or their outcome….



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