The Falling Tide

Jamir's Journal

Day 2

We finally got off that ship, and it felt good to be on land again. I did learn to swim during my short time on the boat. So we wandered around and did a fair amount of haggling. We made a decent split of gold as well. If I didn’t feel tied to these people I Might have walked off with it too. Gurgles currency is ridiculous. I could live like a king in the rest of the world with a small fortune of this currency. And get this..Mithral is steel, it goes for the same amount. If I could get some kind of transport between here and the rest of the world, I would be rich in no time. Wood and food are scarce as well, we could trade back and forth trading mithral for wood and food, which we could trade for giant coins worth about three times as much. Don’t know what the chance of that is considering our location..wish I was a wizard.
So a trader said he is willing to pay us, and supply us with a boat to go get this coral. The problem with that, the way I see it is its leading me away from my goal. I spent all afternoon talking to the prominent figures trying to find out about this relic, and couldn’t find anything. I know there’s something in this damn town, they have a tower full of scryers, but I haven’t been able to get anywhere.
I spent the last part of this day trying to locate the thieves guild. Not that I particularly want to join or anything…In my last town they were a group of thugs and ruffians, and I knew nothing about the territory rules when I started there and got along fine, but I don’t know how they operate here. Plus the spymaster can probably give me the information I need to locate the right person to find that relic.



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