The Falling Tide

Jamir's Journal

Day 3

Well I was right, they seemed like lowlifes and cutthroats. It was pretty exciting though thinking a dagger was going to be plunged through my chest at any second. So, it looks like the leader of the thieves guild is a rather vicious woman, or a giant quite behemoth of a man. I’m not sure which it is honestly. They both seemed to hold incredible sway with the group of ruffians, but I was able to get out of there with my teeth intact and a quest for the guild.
They want me to come up with three different items, a blank, blank and a blank within the next three days, which shouldn’t be to hard, then maybe I can start to get somewhere. Wish they had given me lock picks, I am sorely lacking those.
Get this though, the paladin forsook his god and is on some kind of quest to align with gurgolion or some such deity. Its enough to make a man wonder if he is going insane. I didn’t even know they could do that unless they turned away from their god and swore to evil.
Anyway journal, I’m off to start my quest, no point waiting around. If I do I’m sure I’ll have my throat slit in the middle of the night. If you don’t here from me for a while, I probably failed.



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