The Falling Tide

Paladin's Log

I saved a man’s life. Oddly this has affected me more than the changing of my deity. I can only hope he continues on the path of salvation instead of relapsing back to the path of darkness, the path I fear I may have been on before a Paladin saved my life. Tomorrow I think I shall check in on him, and see how he is doing, see if he might choose to go through the trials himself in time. And what a trial it was. I think I might take the rest of today to heal the wounded then go fishing to help feed the village. The people here seem better off in spirit than any where else I have been, but are sorely lacking in food. Perhaps I can convince Arkgnosis to summon a few dolphins to herd fish into the nets.

While in contemplation I find myself wondering about these strange marks upon our backs and how they brought us together. And where will that strange magical key we found upon the wreck lead us? We were brought together for a reason, but I hardly know these people. They aren’t evil, but I can’t say they are all good. Perhaps I can slowly bring them around to see the light. They do seem to follow where I lead, and we did end up in a great place. I only hope to do the best I can for them and keep them all alive and on the path towards goodness. Maybe I can get them to start talking about where they have come from and why they choose to be who they are.

Well, off to find Arkgnosis and see if he would like to help feed the village. Maybe it will get him to keep his legs closed for a while.



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