Azhurie Chorster

Human Oracle



Name Race Class Alignment Diety Occupation
Ashurie Chorester Human Oracle Neutral Good Sarenra (Redemption, Honesty,Healing) Jewler
Size Gender Height Weight Age Languages
Medium Female 5’8 175 26 Common, Dreuconic

Ability Score

Ability Total Mod Base Inherent Enchance Mis
Strength 10 0 10
Dexterity 17 3 17
Constitution 12 1 12
Intelligence 13 1 13
Wisdom 17 3 17
Charisma 13 3 17

Hit Points & Class Recorder

Total Hit Points HP Gained HD Class Name BAB Skills Fort Ref Will Levels
** 10 D8 Oracle 1 5 0 0 3 2
Temp Hit Points
Total Hit Points 18 Totals +1 5 0 0 +3 2

Attacks & Defense

Armor Class Total Armor Sheild Dex Size Dodge Natural Deflect
Armor Class 18 -10+ +4 0 +3 +1 Armor Penalty -1
Touch 14 -10+ +3 +1 Max Dex +5
Flat Footed 14 -10+ +4 0 +1 Spell Failure 15%
Saving Throws Total Class Base Ability Enhance
Fortitude +2 0 +1 +1
Reflex +4 0 +3 +1
Willpower +6 +3 +3
Attacks Total Base Attack Bonus Ability Size
Melee +1 +1 0
Ranged +4 +1 +3
CMB +1 +1 0 0
CMD +14 -10+ +1 +3 Dex 0 Str
-Hearts of Street: +1 bonus reflex saves
-Hearts of Street: +1 bonus dodge to ac, adj 2 alies
-Trait – Resilient: +1 bonus on fortitude saves
-Trait – Focus Mind: +2 bonus on concentration checks

Feats & Features

-Race: Hearts of the Street (add spell per level in place of hit or skill point, active level 4)
-Cleric spells: Add all spells
-Cures: Haunt, drop items 10 ft away
-Mystery: Heavens, Revelations add 1, 3, 7, 11, 15, 19
-Revelation: Coat of Stars, +4 armor 7th level and every 4 levels after +2 armor, 1 hour per day per level of usage
-Revelation: Moonlight Bridge, 10ft and extend 10ft per level, exists 24 hours or until used, summons number of times per day times Charisma bonus, act as wall of force if attacked.


Class Base Total Ran Ability Trained
Acrobatics^ Dex 2 0 3 0
Appraise^ Int 1 0 1 0
Bluff Cha 3 0 3 0
Climb^ Str 1 0 0 0
X Craft: Jewlery Int 1 0 1 0
Craft: Cha 0 0 0 0
X Diplomacy Cha 8 2 3 3
Disable Device^ Dex 0 3 0
Disguise Cha 3 0 3 0
Escape Artist^ Dex 2 0 3 0
X Fly^ Dex 6 1 3 3
Handle Animal Cha 0 3 0
X Heal Wis 8 2 3 3
Intimidate Cha 3 0 3 0
X Kn: History Int 0 1 0
X Kn: Planes Int 0 1 0
X Kn: Religion Int 5 1 1 3
X Kn: Arcana Int 0 1 0
Kn: Int 0 1 0
Kn: Int 0 1 0
Linguistics Int 0 1 0
X Perception Wis 8 2 3 3
Perform Cha 3 0 3 0
X Profesion Wis 0 3 0
Ride^ Dex 2 0 3 0
X Sense Motive Wis 8 2 3 3
Sleight of Hand^ Dex 0 3 0
X Spellcraft Int 0 1 0
Stealth^ Dex 2 0 3 0
Survival Wis 3 0 3 0
Swim^ Str -1 0 0 0
Use Magic Device Cha 0 3 0



Armor, Shield & Weapons

Type Description Enhance AC Bonus Max Dex Penalty Spell Fail Type Size Materials
Armor Magic Black Studded Bodice 1 4 5 -1 15% l M Leather, Silver Studs
Armor Cloak of Stars
Weapons & Attacks Enhance Attack Modifiers Damage Crit Range Size Type Ammo & Notes
Cross Bow 1D8 19,20 80ft S L 20 bolts (1g per 10, 1 pound)
-Simple Weapons
-Light/Medium Armor and Shield, no tower shield

Equipment, Magic Items & Special Abilities

Qty Misc. Equpment Weight Misc. Magic Items Uses/Charge Special Abilities Uses/Day
1 10g Travel Outfit 5
1 1s Bed Roll 2
1 1c Candle 0
1 1c Chalk 0
1 8g Ink 1 oz. 0
1 1s Ink Pen 0
1 4s Paper 0
3.5 Rations (2wk) 7
1 5g Signet Ring 0
1 1g Seal Wax 1
1 8s Signal Whistle 0
1 5s Soap 1
1 1g Water Skin 4
1 5g Artisan Tools 5
1 5g Spell Component Pouch 2
Location Worn Equipment
Body Courtiers Outfit (30g/6p)
Torso Black Leather Silver Stud Bodice
Arms Coral Bracelet
Ring Silver Signet Ring

Loads & Lift

Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load Lift Above Head Lift Off Ground Drag & Push
33 66 100 100 200 500

Known spells:

  • Mage Hand
  • Ghost Sound
  • Cure Light Wounds
  • Create Water
  • Purify Food & Drink
  • Stabilizer
  • Mending
  • Sanctuary
  • Bless
  • Color Spray
  • Guidance

Once upon a time in a far away land…oh, wait…that is meant for fairy tales…..and I have a feeling nothing about the present time would fall under that header…

Some time ago a small city of Shandar once prospered. Just like any other small city it breathed of hope as those of all ages found it attractive to settle down and live amongst others whom worked as hard as they did. It was a place where men could be found working side by side together in fields or in shops and women could be found preparing meals and setting up tables in the small common areas in which a circle of small houses shared. Neighbors were not just friends but family.

Still now, in the rare chance one happens across someone who once knew of Shandar they would chuckle when asked about life in the city and say, “Ah, the land of luck and love.” Some think that because of the kind hearts and good souls of the city folk, it was only right for it to become a city of luck.

This small city was once home for many, many generations to a nobel family of Chorsters. The Chorsters were the founding family of Shandar, and always kept a strong hand in their rule. It was for the better, they very much believed everyone should have a chance at the happy life they had found and while their rule was one of strict morals and law, this didn’t stop them from finding mercy for those who fell. Some time after the Chorsters had settle into the land, the small town showed the glimmering hope of some day becoming a city, literally. The discovery was made that Shandar was rich in gems, specifically rubies. The town quickly prospered from this and became a city in which the Chorsters were proud to be able to take care of those that settled there. It was kept quiet what made those in Shandar live so comfortably but word was bound to get out.

Azhuire Chorsters was a happy child, living amongst the walls of the only home she had known until the age of 13, her family’s castle. She never thought herself to be much different then the other children in her home city, thought she did not go to school with them (her parents had repeatedly said that she must have private tutors as she had more responsibility than most to learn). So Ashuire would wait excitedly at her window on the 3rd floor until the school bell to announce to the city the day of learning was over, then run down the marble steps and out of the gates her castle was settled behind to met her friends. Azhuire was a normal child, being prepared to one day hold the city she cared so much for in her own hands.

However, the time never came for Azhurie to dedicate her life to the city of luck and love, as luck was no longer. One stormy afternoon the city was rushed by the army of Clarkfort. Clarkfort was large city near by and after Clarkfort’s ruler leaned of the riches Shandar held, he wanted it for his own.

In one afternon Azhurie managed to escape from the city that would always hold her heart, only to find herself alone in a world she knew nothing about. Thus, her journey began. Along the way she found using her skills to make jewelry (which is a trade most from Shandar knew) allowed her to earn a meager living. It also helped that she came from noble blood and knew exactly how to carry ones self when crafting jewelry for those that could afford it in nobility. Azhurie vowed to live her life helping others, as her family once did, and thus found her calling as an Oracle healer. Amongst her travels and from seeing Shandar fall she learned no one can be trusted, but that never changed her will to carry out her family’s beliefs.

The only group of people Azhurie ever found to hold any part of her trust were the Oracle’s who trained her. The god of the Sun was the only warmth she found since losing her family.

Azhurie Chorster

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